COVID Community Diary Project

The Center for Community Engagement (CCE) is partnering with the Sonoma County Library to collect primary sources related to life during COVID-19. We invite you to consider taking advantage of this opportunity with your classes. One approach could be working with an elementary school by sharing experiences either through writing, artwork, or other forms of expression. Alternatively, your class can work independently to make materials. 

This has been a very challenging time for all of us but it has also been a time of reflection for many as we are forced to slow down and contemplate what is currently happening and how it makes us feel. Sheltering-in-Place; social distancing, school closures, job loss and much more; these are part of what we are experiencing right now. As the days turn into months, what will the future look like as we exist in the “new normal”? How are we handling the situation before us? For history’s sake, it’s important to capture these moments and document them so that future students and historians have access to them. Thus, the idea is to write about these experiences; the student’s work will be shared with the Sonoma County Library to be cataloged and preserved for future generations.

The library will accept writings, art, or images digitally. Contributors will need to complete a “deed of gift” form in order to share items with the library; the form will include information about copyright and intellectual property rights. We can certainly discuss it in more detail if you are interested in participating in this project.

If you would like to discuss further or would like your students to participate in the summer or the fall, please contact

Community Diary Service-Learning Classes





BUS 465W 1

Damien Wilson

EDSP 426 1

Sandy Ayala

CCJS 370 1

Byran Burton

ENGL 101 071

Megan McIntyre

COMS 160A 1, 2, 3,

4, 5, 6

Emily Acosta-Lewis

ENGL 303 1

Megan McIntyre

COMS 200 1

Hillary Homzie

ENGL 491 101

Jennifer Johnson

COMS 201 1

Talena Sanders

HIST 498 1

Michelle Jolly

COMS 240 201

Emily Acosta Lewis

HIST 498 2

Steve Estes


Gina Baleria

KIN 301, 2

Lauren Morimoto

COMS 340 1

Emily Acosta Lewis

PSY 311 01

Suzanne Maggio-Hucek

CHEM 110 1

Carmen Works

PSY 410 01

Melissa Garvin

EDEC 409 1

Saro Deacon

PSY 412 1

Melissa Garvin

EDMS 100 1

Pamela Wurtz

NAMS 273 1, 2

Jeffrey Reeder

EDMS 100 2

Sharon Janulaw

SOCI 263 1

Kyla Doughty

EDMS 419 2, 3

Susan Campbell

SOCI 388 2

Roxanne Ezzel

EDMS 471 1, 2

Susan Campbell

UNIV 102 3

Jennifer Jaffe

EDMS 476S 1

Pamela Wurtz,

Paula Lane,

Aja LaDuke

UNIV 239 1

Marissa Chavez

EDMS 476S 2


Paula Lane,

Pamela Wurtz

WGS 200 2

Lena McQuade


Taylor Dickson

WGS 425 1

Lena McQuade


Megan McIntyre

UNIV 102 3

Jennifer Jaffe

ENGL 100A 024

Emily Hostutler

UNIV 238 3

Kristin Denver