CSU Freshman Civic Engagement Letter Writing Project

CSU Northridge is leading an effort to support first-year students in a letter exchange with other CSU first-year students. 
The focus of the letters will be the students’ view on voting for the first time (or not being able to vote in the case of Dreamers and others) and the importance of civic engagement. 
Some suggested questions/topics for students to write about:

  • Are you registered to vote? Why/why not? (The team is working on how to word this so that students who are undocumented don't feel as though they have to reveal that if they prefer not to.)
  • How do you vote where you live? (polling place? where is it? Mail-in ballot? Absentee ballot?) This could be really interesting given where they live - sometimes polling places in the country are in people's barns.
  • What other types of political participation have you been involved in? (marches, petitions, get out the vote, social media postings)
  • What are the issues that are important to both campuses and communities? What issues are unique to each place?

If you would like to discuss further or would like your students to participate, please contact cce@sonoma.edu.

Courses Participaing in the Freshman Letter Writing Project



PHIL 160A 4

Jessica Hobson

UNIV 102 5

Jennifer Jaffe