Impact of Community Engagement

Community Engagement Has a Huge Impact!

Value of Service-Learning for Community Partners

  • Service-learning increases their satisfaction with student volunteerism
  • Service-learning provides useful service to communities
  • Service-learning enhances university relations
  • Community voice in a service-learning project has an impact on student cultural understanding
  • The consistency of students because relationship is with a faculty member is valuable
  • They appreciating flexibility as their needs change due to relationship with faculty member
  • There are frustrations with the University semester schedule
  • Developing service-learning classes takes a lot of work up front and the service may not occur for a while. Course development and relationship building takes time

At a Glance: What We Know About the Effects of Service-Learning on College Students, Faculty, Institutions and Communities, Janet S. Eyler, Dwight E. Giles, Jr., Christine M. Stenson, and Charlene J. Gray, is available in the CCE Resource Library.

Value of Community-Based Participatory Research (CBPR) for Community Partners

  • CBPR takes place in community settings and involves community members in the design and implementation of research projects, demonstrates respect for the contributions of success that are made by community partners, as well as respect for the principle of doing no harm” to the communities involved.
  • CBPR can help you answer important questions for your operations or grant writing.
  • CBPR may be directly with a faculty member or may work with students in a service-learning course.

Value of Faculty/Staff Community Service for Community Partners

SSU staff and faculty members are members of the community and serve in a variety of ways, including as public speakers, on Boards and committees, etc. Tenure track and tenured faculty at SSU are required to do community service. In some academic departments, fulfilling this requirement is quite flexible and others recommend or require that it be tied to faculty scholarship and academic discipline.
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