Developing Partnerships

Recommendations for Working with Faculty

The most sustainable way to work with a university is through the faculty. Having an excellent relationship with a faculty member will make your experience deeper and more flexible. Some tips for working with faculty:

  • Whenever possible, be involved at every step of the course or project and it’s development.
  • To develop real partnerships (and avoid logistical nightmares), work with as few faculty members as possible. Perhaps there’s one you’re already involved with.
  • Aim to assist faculty in working only with you or one or two other organizations. At the same time, connect your faculty members with other community partners, as appropriate.
  • Get the faculty member involved with your organization in other ways.
  • When you leave your organization, help the faculty member with the transition to the new staff person.
  • Thank the students for their involvement.
  • Learn about the service-learning class’ learning goals and where the experience with your organization fits in.
  • Offer to to the service-learning class as part of pre-service analysis, preparation and orientation.

See the Organization Orientation Checklist for more ideas.

The CCE can help you meet and develop relationships with faculty to build collaborations. Please contact to discuss this further.