Careers for the Common Good IV
| April 23, 2012

"Do some volunteer work, just because you're not getting a paycheck does not mean it is not valuable to your future employer. Life experiences bring just as much to the table as degrees and credentials," states speaker Anya Perron-Burdick.

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The Strength in Asking for Help
| March 26, 2012

Special thanks to service-learning FIG Leadership students in UNIV238 01 for the posts in this special series on resou

Learning to Access the University's Resources
| March 19, 2012

The most effective part of the workshop was that there was no reading through the lecture notes.

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University & Community Partnership:
| February 27, 2012

"School counseling is more than simply meeting with students. It is vital that school counselors be advocates for the profession."

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Working for the CCE: Learning the World of Civic Engagement
| February 20, 2012

When I first arrived at the steps of SSU, I was so ready to jump right into all the different volunteer opportunities I could find because I knew I wanted to impact my campus like I had done at my high school.