Don't Miss a Thing! Several Programs Are on the Move!

June 8, 2015
Working on the program transition
Merith Weisman
Merith Weisman

Big changes are afoot with several programs the CCE currently runs and I want you to be first to know.

The Volunteer Center of Sonoma County (VCSC) Nonprofit Resource Center is taking the leadership role of the:

  1. Sonoma County Community Events listing
  2. Greater Bay Area Nonprofit and Governmental Job listing
  3. Sonoma County Nonprofit & Governmental Social Media Professionals group

Here's how you can expect these changes to impact you:

1. Sonoma County Community Events Calendar

  • The last CCE events email was on June 8, 2015. If you currently subscribe to the events email, please subscribe to receive future events emails from VCSC.
  • If you follow @SSUCCEEvntLstng on Twitter, please follow @SSUCCE. We will continue to post events there.
  • If you subscribe to the Google calendar, there is no change.
  • If you have access to post your organization's events, there is no change.
  • If you host the Google calendar widget on your website, please change the attribute to:
    • This is the Sonoma County Community Calendar maintained by the Volunteer Center of Sonoma County. Please feel free to browse, read about, and attend these community events. You are also encouraged to add events that are open to the community.
  • If you want to find something to do, post an event, or share the Google calendar widget on your website please see the Volunteer Now community calendar instructions.

2. Nonprofit and Governmental Job Board

3. Sonoma County Nonprofit & Governmental Social Media Professionals

  • The Volunteer Center hosts monthly Social Media Professionals Roundtable on the third Tuesday of each month from 8:30-10am. More information and registration is on the Volunteer Now events page. This is a great opportunity to exchange ideas and share experiences with other nonprofit professionals. I will continue to facilitate these Roundtables for the foreseeable future. You can read about the first one on the Volunteer Now events page.
  • If you are a member of the Sonoma County Nonprofit & Governmental Social Media Professionals LinkedIn subgroup, you will notice that the branding of the group has changed to reflect the Volunteer Center's leadership role. You will also see that Donna LaGraffe, the Nonprofit Resource Center Program Coordinator has deepened her involvement and Jaime Smedes, the Marketing and Special Events Manager with Volunteer Center of Sonoma County, is now the owner. I will remain a manager and stay involved.
  • The subgroup remains a place to share jobs, ideas, stories, questions, input, and network. If you would like to join the subgroup, please do so on LinkedIn.
  • I will remain involved as I am a Sonoma County Nonprofit & Governmental Professional.

In case you're wondering, we're making these changes after much discussion. All three programs are much better aligned with the Volunteer Center's mission than with the CCE's mission. We understand that the services are needed and couldn't discontinue them, although our resources are better used in other ways. We are thrilled that VCSC sees the value and potential of these programs for Sonoma County. Additionally, the ongoing process of this transition has deepened the partnership between us and we're excited to collaborate further.