Taylor Bonilla, Jacob Mermell, Professor Cynthia Boaz, Osvaldo Quinonez, Micah McCarver
Small Acts Make Big Differences
| February 11, 2013

I have been working at the Center for Community Engagement since the fall of 2010.

Creating A Logo As a College Freshman
| February 4, 2013

"Natalie, for your next project, I would like you to create the logo for the Center", asked my supervisor, Merith Weisman.

Center for Community Engagement Logo
Changes in the CCE
| January 22, 2013

Exciting changes are happening here in the CCE.

Center for Community Engagement Logo
Visions of 2025 from SSU CCE Students
| January 7, 2013

As we ring in the new year, the student staff at the Center for Community Engagement can't help but wonder how the world will be in the year 2025.

Quote, "the visit to SSU and intern recruitment was quite successful"
New Way to Recruit SSU Students!
| December 4, 2012