Welcome, Damien & Mike!

August 26, 2019
Damien and Mike outside smiling

Drs. Damien Wilson and Michael Cohen who are joining us as Faculty Fellows from Fall 2019-Spring 2022

Merith Weisman
Merith Weisman

I'm excited to welcome Drs. Damien Wilson and Michael Cohen who are joining us as Faculty Fellows from Fall 2019-Spring 2022. Damien joins us from the Wine Business Program in the School of Business & Economics and Mike joins us from Biology in the School of Science & Technology. The Faculty Fellow position has two major and complementary components: 1) faculty development; 2) institutionalization of learning pedagogies for the common good. This means that Damien and Mike will be supporting the faculty in their Schools with their community engaged work. Additionally, Damien and Mike are in the preliminary stages of forming a plan for their institutionalization projects.

Dr. Michael Cohen
Dr. Damien Wilson

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“I’m excited to join the CCE because of our capacity to develop a lasting relationship with our region’s community” says Damien. Mike agrees and says, “I am most looking forward to facilitating projects that link student learning with community service.”

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Damien and Mike join Drs. Emily Acosta Lewis and Susan Campbell who are in their 2nd year as Faculty Fellows and Dr. Missy Garvin, who is in her 3rd and final year as Faculty Fellows. Thank you for your leadership, Missy, Emiy, and Susan! 

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Next year, a new Faculty Fellow from the School of Social Sciences will join us to serve from Fall 2020-Spring 2023. 

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Please join me in welcoming Damien and Mike!


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