Welcome, Aja! Thanks, Damien and Mike!

September 19, 2022
Dr. Aja LaDuke

Dr. Aja LaDuke

Merith Weisman smiling in front of the CCE
Merith Weisman

I'm excited to welcome Dr. Aja LaDuke, who has joined us as Faculty Fellow from Fall 2022-Spring 2025. Aja (pronounced like the continent of Asia), is a faculty member in the School of Education and has been working closely with our P-12 community partners. The Faculty Fellow position has two major and complementary components: 1) faculty development; 2) institutionalization of learning pedagogies for the common good. This means that Aja will be supporting other faculty with their community engaged work. Additionally, Aja is in the preliminary stages of forming a plan for her institutionalization projects. 

“I am most excited about helping faculty realize the power of service-learning as a pedagogy and how it can be included across all disciplines,” says Aja. Aja joins Drs. Emily Acosta Lewis and Missy Garvin as Faculty Fellows. Thank you for your leadership, Missy, & Emily! 

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I also want to take this opportunity to thank Drs. Damien Wilson and Michael Cohen who have completed their terms as Faculty Fellows from Fall 2019-Spring 2022. Damien says, “I think my greatest accomplishment as a Faculty Fellow was to having engaged as many colleagues as I was able to when I started in the role.” Mike adds, “I am most proud of the sense of camaraderie we were able to build and maintain as Faculty Fellows through the pandemic and the changing bureaucratic landscape. With Merith’s guidance, we worked together to establish connections with the community that will blossom into many faculty-involved projects in the years to come.”

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Please join me in welcoming Aja and thanking Damien and Mike!