Community-Based Federal Work-Study for Students

Consider performing your Federal Work Study duties at a local organization!

Sonoma State University has partnered with local organizations so that you can work in the community, gain valuable experience, and earn money under the Community-Based Federal Work Study Program.

How does this work?

You must be a student at Sonoma State University who qualifies for the Federal Work Study Program to participate. Our community partners are seeking students who are organized and detail oriented, and have an interest in community involvement. 

Depending on the job placement, you may have the option to work either on-site or remotely for an organization that we have partnered with. You will perform all regular work duties as outlined by the employer of that organization; however, your paycheck will come from Sonoma State at a rate of $16 per hour.

Can I work during the breaks? What if my financial aid package runs out? 

Students who are enrolled in this program can work for the entire academic year, including during the winter and spring breaks, and for consecutive academic years. If you would like to work over the summer months, or if your financial aid package runs out, you must arrange the terms of your employment with your organization directly.

How do I move forward?

If you are interested in this opportunity please contact Caroline Bañuelos: | (707)-664-3493