What? So What? Now What?

"What? So What? Now What?" provides a structure for critical analysis. There is some information in the Reflection in Service-Learning Part II video from St. Mary's College of California, ready to view in the right sidebar.

What? What happened? What did you do? What did you expect and what was different?

Note: This is also the time for preparation and orientation.
Some ideas: ask students to check out the website of the community partner, define important terms (watershed, homelessness, etc.), ask community partner to come to class and bring a client.

So What? Why does that matter? To you? To the partner? To society as a whole? In the context of the class? Is our experience in alignment, informed by, in conflict with other class texts?

Now what? What will you do different? What have you learned? Will you continue to serve or commit to political engagement?

What? So What? Now What? can be a written assignment, art project, 3-panel poster presentation, discussion, or a combination. Each section of What? So What? Now What? can be graded equally or more points can be given for certain sections. For example: What? = 1 point So what? = 1 point + 1 point for each connection to a lecture or reading Now what? = 1 point + 1 point for evidence of action taken

Do you have questions or tips to share about What? So What? Now What? Please let us know.