Welcome, Jen!

September 18, 2019
Jennifer Anna

Jennifer Anna

Headshot of Caroline Banuelos
Caroline Bañuelos

The Center for Community Engagement (CCE) is pleased to welcome Jennifer (Jen) Anna as our newest AmeriCorps VISTA, serving at the Petaluma Health Center (PHC).  We were fortunate that Jen, who recently graduated from the University of Chapel Hill, North Carolina, chose this VISTA opportunity at the Health Center to make her move to California; something she has been contemplating doing for a while. Jen, who is a go-getter; graduated a year early with a BS in Biology and a BA in Global Studies. She is also a certified nursing assistant and is fluent in Spanish.  

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Jen is very interested in issues that involve immigration and poverty. She was also looking for a position where she could continue to use her Spanish regularly. PHC is certainly a great place to hone her medical background as well as speak Spanish. “I chose the Center because when I was in college and ran my non-profit the Student Health Action Coalition, I saw how pervasive poverty can be, especially among undocumented immigrants. I firmly believe that every human deserves access to health care, food, and a way to achieve their best potential. The Petaluma Health Center is at the forefront of that, and I knew that working here would not only broaden my horizons, but also let me have a real impact on a community that hasn’t had the same opportunities as I have been blessed with.”

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Having a love for the outdoors and mountain climbing; Jen always knew she would come to the West Coast after discovering John Muir when she was younger.  She says that the Sierras are the best place to hike. We are really glad that Jen decided to come to California after graduation and that she will be at the Health Center and the CCE where her skills can be fully utilized.

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You can reach Jen via email: janna@phealthcenter.org.