Visions of 2025 from SSU CCE Students

January 7, 2013
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As we ring in the new year, the student staff at the Center for Community Engagement can't help but wonder how the world will be in the year 2025.



By the time 2025 rolls around, I will be finished with my college education. Hopefully, I will have a stable career and a family. The skills I have learned from working at the Center for Community Engagement at Sonoma State will most definitely be utilized in whatever I am doing and wherever I go. Although it is hard to remain optimistic, I think that future generations of society will realize the detriment humans are causing the planet. I hope that relieving poverty while reducing the global carbon footprint will become a top priority. I hope that education, higher education in particular, will be both accessible and affordable to all who wish to attend. I hope that the United States will once again be a nation at the forefront of science, technology, mathematics, and engineering disciplines.



I think in 2025, our world will be completely different than it is it today. Technology is increasing rapidly as we know it. There might be hover cars by then, or maybe robots and artificial intelligence will be put together to make someone so close to a human, but without having a soul or emotions. Perhaps machines will be able to do surgery instead of humans doing it. Instead of turning on the light switch, we can just walk into a room and the lights will automatically turn on. Whatever happens in 2025, I'm sure our technology will advance in a way we never imagined. Working at the Center for Community Engagement will have helped me in 2025 because of the skills that I have and will gain by working here. My skills with working with social media, like Facebook, LinkedinHootsuite and Twitter will help me communicate with people in 2025 better than I could have imagined. I will probably understand how to get a message across in different ways through the social media. I'll be able to reach tons of people just by learning how to use these tools.


In 2025 I will be 32. Right now that seems ancient, but I know that in the grand scheme of life, 32 is really just the beginning. By 2025 I will have graduated from SSU and from graduate school. I will be settling into a career I enjoy and living in nice house (hopefully with a dog and possibly a husband). If I am not married already I will be thinking about marriage and about having children. As far as the world as a whole, I think we will continue to see humans ignore the health of our earth for at least 50 more years. Global climate change will continue to worsen and natural disasters will continue to increase in magnitude and in frequency. I also think GMO foods will begin to dominate the market and native plants will no longer be able to compete. I also think we will see more women run for president and congress, and with more success. My personal goal for 2025 is to be happy, healthy, and working. From the CCE I have learned how to use various computer programs including WordPress (a blogging website), Prezi (similar to Powerpoint but more advanced) and Constant Contact (a bulk email creator). I have also become better at email, Twitter and Facebook because of the CCE. I have learned ways that you can use the sites that everyone already uses, to connect with more people in a more formal way. Additionally, I plan to travel after I am finished with school and my knowledge of WordPress will help me record my blog in a professional and organized way.



In the year 2025, most if not all of the rain forest will be gone, many"game prize" and currently endangered animals such as the Bengal tiger 
will be extinct, and many more islands will be underwater due to the rising sea level. On a more positive note, I hope to also see 
progressions in marriage equality, cleaner energy, and less deaths in the United States due to inability to afford health care.

"Only when the last tree has died and the last river been poisoned and the last fish been caught will we realize we cannot eat money." ~Cree Proverb


I think the world in 2025 will be mostly about electronics and will be more controlled. I think the economy might be stable again but money won't be worth as much as it is today. I think the work I'm doing right now will help me in a way because I will know about the non-profit world and how I could bring it into the medical field. I also think that California might not exist because supposedly a big earthquake might take it down and all the neighboring states will have a coast -- that will be the new California.




In 2025 I believe the world will have changed drastically. Within the past decade, it has already changed to the point where technology has become the main source of communication and every second, it expands. Health care will most likely also be changed drastically for the better with improvements in research and positive outcomes for today's medical dilemmas. Travel will most likely improve a lot more than it has already with air and ground travel as well as traveling overseas.Yet, nothing in this world is cheap and all of these improvements in our everyday lives will come at a cost and prices for these luxuries will either turn out to be higher than ever or lower if we are lucky.