Successful Tabling Tips for Recruiting Students

December 10, 2013
Boys & Girls Club tabling for students at the Service & Internship Fair

Boys & Girls Club representatives tabling for students at the Service & Internship Fair

Annelise Dohrer

How successful have you been tabling? Is it difficult to connect with students and to get them interested? Did you feel that you were wasting your time out in the cold/hot weather? Maybe you did not get enough great student recruits to make the most out of your time? Follow this list of Do's & Don'ts to maximize your experience getting students. In case you missed it, there is a blog post about getting started tabling on Community Partner Thursdays.


  • Ask them what their major is
  • Have a brief summary of what you do ready when they ask
  • Make sure you make it clear to the student what you're looking for and how they can be involved
  • Have a bight poster with helpful information
  • Be energetic
  • Smile
  • Have examples of students who you have worked with in the past.
  • Explain to the students what's in it for them
  • Have business cards or flyers to provide more information
  • Have an email list students can sign if they want more information
  • Email students the next day with updates, you don't want them to forget they met you or loose enthusiasm for your organization
  • Dress professionally
  • Try to stand out (Sadie's Haven brought a mini pony)
  • Have a video display/ slideshow
  • Have prizes
  • Make sure you address everyone who comes up to your table.
  • Have a schedule of upcoming events that your organization will be involved in


  • Forget a table
  • Stay stuck behind the table; move around
  • Forget a poster
  • Sit down the whole time
  • Avoid eye contact with students
  • Be afraid to approach students and go out of your way to talk to them
  • Be discouraged if a student isn't interested; there are tons more who will be!
  • Just talk at the students; make sure to engage them by asking them questions about themselves
  • Wear inappropriate clothing
  • Be boring

Follow these tips and be in good shape for getting all the students you need. Happy tabling!

What are some of your favorite tabling tips to share with others?