Service & Internship Fair XVI

October 6, 2023
two people sitting down and talking to another person who is standing

Carlos from Food for Thought talking about the different programs for food delivery

Alison stands behind a table and speaks to a student

Alison from Catholic Charities of The Diocese of Santa Rosa helping and talking to students.

two people sitting down and talking to another person who is standing
Alison stands behind a table and speaks to a student
Stephen Hopps

“You get great exposure and experience within the jobs” said Mathew, a senior Geography and Environmental Planning major. I wanted to see what students were thinking so I had been asking the question, “Why do you think internships are important?” Mathew's response made resounding sense as he stated how being a part of a business/organization is a great way to start your career path. 

The Service and Internship Fair 2023 was a monumental success this year with students searching for all kinds of new opportunities. Plenty of local organizations visited the campus showcasing flyers, freebies, fellowship programs, or even just a snack for a hungry college student. 

Two students stand at the a table outside looking at resource materials
Students at the Renaissance Healing and
Learning Center Table

Karen and Alison, who represent the Catholic Charities of The Diocese of Santa Rosa, offered me some snacks and better yet, some brilliant pieces of advice for college students: “It would be a great opportunity for any student to work with the homeless population as well as child development. This could be very beneficial for a resume”

“Students majoring in environmental studies or kinesiology/nutrition would benefit, personally and professionally, from volunteering for Food for Thought.” Super big, heart-shaped sunglasses greeted me at the next table as Carlos and Liv from Food for Thought were back again this year! Food for Thought represented at last year's fair and they were excited to meet the new students on campus.

Personally, I really admire Food for Thought because of the decades that they have been serving people on different programs who need assistance. Food for Thought is a specialized food bank that started in the 1980’s bringing local food deliveries straight to the client’s doors. 

A woman in a purple shirt stands behind a table posing next to a dog in a harness. Beside them is a man in brown overalls smiling at the camera.
Ann, Founder of Renaissance Healing & Learning Center.

Of course the highlight of the fair for many students, myself included, was the return of the horse, “Buddy,” with the local organization, Renaissance Healing and Learning Center. Ann, the founder of the Renaissance Healing and Learning Center, mentioned, “We [offer] an opportunity to work with horses and warm, kind people that makes for a fun, exciting outdoor internship.” She mentioned that the internship is really for anyone who cares about helping people, but also mentioned it would look good on resumes for psychology majors and kinesiology majors.

The Service and Internship Fair XVI was a great experience for students and organizations alike. This year, students were able to find all kinds of opportunities and openings through this great congregation of folks. Thank you to all of our community partners for coming to the Service & Internship Fair this year. Stay tuned for details on next year’s Fair!