Service & Internship Fair V

September 12, 2011
Chirelle McCorley, interviewer and blogger
Chirelle McCorley

"We already have one new intern signed up and will be interviewing two more today, as well as getting sign ups from prospective volunteers. Thank you for the opportunity to take part in this again." says Jenny Blaker of Cotati Creek Critters about the 2011 Service and Internship Fair, co-sponsored by the CCEJoin Us Making Progress and Career Services.

As the school year begins, students are looking for ways to get involved in the issues they care most deeply about. Some of them need internships and others just like to serve. Likewise, there are many community organizations that offer students the opportunity to explore their interests while benefiting their missions.

Krystal Garcia, a Business major who is in her second year at SSUwas happy to say that, "I like that there was a lot of options of volunteer work to choose from. I was able to find what interested me and I was also able to try something new! I have gained knowledge of the different programs that can help me get work experience in my major. The CCE's staff assistance was very helpful in helping me find volunteer work in positions that fit my Sociology minor and an internship in my Business major."

Unlike any year before, a groundbreaking 58 organizations attended the fair. This year's service and internship fair was the most productive and successful one yet and next year more organizations are expected to come.

La Rhonda Crosby-Johnson, the Community Engagement Specialist at the Bay Area Communities for Health Education (BACHE) spoke highly of the staff at the fair saying, "Just wanted to take a moment to congratulate you, your office and incredible staff, everyone I met yesterday from the Center of Community Engagement was absolutely delightful. Thanks so much for including BACHE!"

George R. Moskoff, a Senior Consultant and founder of The Minerva Project had these words to say, "I think you're to be congratulated for organizing a solid event and kudos to all of your college interns for their work: responsive, helpful."

The key to the fair's success is what it provides to the community. It allows for service opportunities by encouraging students to get out and learn hands on about what they are passionate about. Students get to experiment with what they want to do as a career or explore their interests. Organizations connect with dedicated individuals who want to make a difference in the lives of others, as well as getting support for their organization while teaching students what they can't learn in a classroom. Additionally, the fair builds camaraderie amongst the local community and the university community by uniting the students' interests with the organizations' opportunities.

Missy Danneberg, the Executive Director at Extended Childcare in Santa Rosa said, "Thank you so much for including us in the fair. It was so well organized and we made some important contacts. We appreciate all the hard work you put into making it so worthwhile."

Special thanks to everyone who helped make the event a success. Please join us at next year's Service and Internship Fair where students and organizations will again connect with internships and service opportunities. As always the organizations that attend the fair will represent a board array of interests. These include organizations that focus on childcare, family support, hunger and homelessness, social justice, LGBT, arts, health, environmentalism, conservation and sustainability. Until then, community organizations that are looking to recruit interns can check out this blog post.

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