Service & Internship Fair IX

September 24, 2015
Student Hiromu Sogi signing up at the Petaluma Bounty table with Caryn Mali.

Student Hiromu Sogi signing up at the Petaluma Bounty table with Caryn Mali.

Ashley Simon
Ashley Simon

Lots of academic departments require internships or volunteer hours from students. The Service & Internship Fair, also called the Involvement & Service Fair, provides community organizations the opportunity to find students for their organizations as well as gives students a sense of the different organizations they can be a part of. Some organizations even hire students out of their internships into full time positions after the students graduate.

Many community organizations are wondering how they can get students involved with their projects. Meanwhile, students have a hard time finding opportunities to volunteer and intern because they do not know where to look or they do not know that the opportunities even exist.

Some students coming to the Fair don't know what they want out of it yet. Angelica Murillo,a Junior transfer student currently in Hutchins and an aspiring teacher says, "I just want to help people."

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The Service & Internship Fair is where students and the community get to know each other and find out each others' needs. Many organizations say that they do not look for any majors in particular, but instead say that they can mold job duties around the skills of students who come to them.

Check out pictures from this year's Fair in the Prezi below!

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This annual event is cosponsored by JUMP and CSLIS. Check out last year's Fair and don't hesitate to contact the CCE with questions on how to participate next year!