My Experience with the Community Diary Project

February 17, 2021
Opening page of Kiera’s CDP blogging website: Unknown Adventures

Opening page of Kiera’s CDP blogging website: Unknown Adventures

Kiera Moran

This last fall semester, I was in Professor Homzie’s communications 200 course when she assigned the Covid Diary Project (CDP) to the class. I was a bit hesitant to start this project because I wasn’t sure what medium (daily journaling, blogging, a short video, etc) I wanted to pick. For the project, I ended up creating a blogging website on Squarespace which I titled Unknown Adventures. My website consisted of my travels during quarantine. From camping, visiting beaches, and life updates, these blogs have allowed me to not only write about the things I love doing, like traveling, but also express how I felt while on these adventures. 

My experience with the CDP was amazing. I really enjoyed creating my website and writing posts because it allowed me to do some deep reflecting on my own life, as I adjust to our new normal. I did not find this project to be difficult at all. In fact, I thought  this project was easy for me because I had so many things to write about. 

There were many tips and tricks I learned through this blogging process, but the two things I will keep with me forever, when blogging, is you have to be able to write about a topic while also connecting with your audience (the readers). Overall, I have learned quite a lot about myself when creating my community diary project. I learned that it’s ok to write about your feelings as long as you connect to the theme of the blog. One other thing I learned about myself is I love creating websites. As strange as that may sound, the creativity behind creating a website is very soothing. Being able to make colors that match the theme of traveling while also coming up with a unique title for the website was really fun. I’m happy that I was given this opportunity to share my experiences during the pandemic and I hope other people enjoy seeing what I did.