Merith Weisman Named First SSU Connectivity and Community Engagement Champion

April 29, 2019
Ashley Simon, outside
Ashley Simon

With great excitement we would like to announce that the Director of Community Engagement and Strategic Initiatives, Merith Weisman, has been awarded the first ever Strategic Plan Core Values Champion for Connectivity and Community Engagement at Sonoma State University.

The Core Values come from the Strategic Plan 2025  that was completed last year and the plan was a campus-wide effort to prioritize the values of the SSU community. In naming these as values, SSU is working to have them become part of the culture and identity of of the campus. The Core Values are:

  • Diversity and social justice

  • Sustainability and environmental inquiry

  • Connectivity and community engagement

  • Adaptability and responsiveness

Although Merith pursues all of the Core Values while making connections to the community and to SSU folks, Merith has been dedicated to community engagement for 20 years building relationships between the campus and community partners. Thank you and congratulations, Merith!