Intern with the JCFC

July 6, 2023
a person is sitting down in a chair with a script in their hands and another person with a camera

JCFC rep in their office creating video content

Natalia Farias Maldonado has long dark colored hair and is smiling at the camera
Natalia Farias Maldonado

As college students, we find ourselves in a unique stage of life that is neither childhood nor adulthood. This period is a crucial time as we transition into adulthood and establish our careers. Many students worry about what they will do after completing their studies and how to begin their careers. Fortunately, internships provide excellent opportunities to gain practical experience and explore potential career paths. At SSU, there are numerous internship opportunities available to students. The Jewish Community Free Clinic (JCFC), the only 100% free medical clinic in Sonoma County, is offering an internship for students to assist with translation services both in an administrative capacity and with patients. The JCFC and its services welcome everyone, regardless of one's religious beliefs.

I have had the pleasure of working with the team at JCFC with my Primitivo classmates, and I was continually impressed by the JCFC staff’s kindness, compassion, resilience, and willingness to teach. The majority of my work with the JCFC consisted of promoting the annual Works of Heart dinner and art show. Through this experience, I learned essential skills and techniques that are typically acquired on the job, such as the importance of making websites and graphics visually accessible to people with disabilities as well as the tools used to check for accessibility. This experience also taught me how to apply the skills I am learning in class to real-world workplace situations.

Natalia and JCFC rep sit at a table outside the SSU Rec center and are waving at the camera
Natalia and and JCFC representative tabling for
students at SSU.

Students not only receive academic credit for their work but also take pride in the fact that their work genuinely helps people and transforms lives. For more information about the JCFC and the work they do, check out

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