Happy 1st Birthday, Just Coffee!

August 17, 2015
Ashley Simon
Ashley Simon

The Center for Community Engagementand Community Action Partnership of Sonoma County created Just Coffee as a way to meet the community and create lasting and meaningful partnerships. The casual and intimate nature of the coffee shop as well as the convenient location provides an environment that is conducive to sharing stories, exchanging ideas and getting to know people in the community.

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Just Coffee just had its first birthday. It has been a great year of partnership and community engagement. As a student and a member of the community, it is an opportunity to meet faculty, discover nonprofits that I would support, voice concerns about and possible solutions to community issues, and learn about community resources. I never thought that I would have a place to share what I study and how I plan on applying it to serve my community. The most amazing thing about it is that I never expected to get any of those things out it, but to just have coffee (or hot chocolate).

Every Just Coffee is a little different. Each group is a mix of community organizations, community members, and Sonoma State University faculty, students, and alumni. This makes for interesting conversation because each person has a different perspective based on their personal, educational, and professional experiences.

Just Coffee is every second Tuesday of the Month at A'Roma Roasters Coffee and Tea in Santa Rosa at 9am.