Changes in the CCE

January 22, 2013
Merith Weisman

Exciting changes are happening here in the CCE. In addition to my role as Coordinator of the Center for Community Engagement, Academic Affairs has now added Coordinator of Social Media to my title and job duties. You may remember that in the 2009 assessment of community partner perceptions, our community partners recommended that the CCE use social media to better connect with and serve them. In my ongoing attempts to do this well, I am learning a lot. I again want to take the opportunity to thank not only George Moskoff for his work on the assessment project but also all of the community partners who participated. It is a direct result of that recommendation that I have received this promotion.

As I am the sole professional staff member in the CCE, the CCE's Strategic Action Committee is exploring how to make this transition as positive as possible for community partners, faculty, and students. To this end, I am currently focussing some of my energy on the overlapping work of the two roles. For example, I started and am hosting monthly live meetups and a online networking and resource sharing LinkedIn subgroup for Sonoma County Nonprofit & Governmental Social Media Professionals.

In my new role as the Coordinator of Community Engagement and Social Media, I will assist in developing and expanding Academic Affairs' social media presence and help coordinate efforts to utilize various social media platforms to support academic programs and communication with faculty, staff, students, and the SSU community.

Among my first tasks is the development of a series of faculty workshops on social media and academic uses, which will be held during Spring semester 2013. Look for further information early in Spring semester about these professional development opportunities.

I am also collaborating with other experts on campus to enhance SSU's social media use for a variety of audiences and purposes. I am looking forward to assisting Academic Affairs and Student Affairs in expanding social media use and knowledge to support such activities as: academic learning, student outreach, advising, and networking with students, faculty, staff, and community.

Initially, I will be surveying current social media use on campus and developing an implementation plan. If you have suggestions or input, please feel free to comment here or email me.