CCE Staff Member Featured in Sonoma Magazine

March 3, 2021
Kiera Moran

Ashley Simon Alvarez, who is the Administrative Coordinator for the CCE here at Sonoma State, participated with 12 other Black women in an interview with Sonoma Magazine. Upon reflection, Ashley states that “It feels great to be recognized as a part of the community. I hope readers gain a new perspective on the experiences of Black people and also learn a bit about what the CCE can do to help in the community.” Ashley’s participation in this article was not only crucial for Sonoma State but for Sonoma County as well.

In the interview with Ashley, Sonoma Magazine asks “How can Sonoma County’s activist community support CCE and specifically BIPOC students? How would you like to see the CCE with off-campus activism?” Ashley responds by stating that “this is something my office talks about very often and we encourage feedback about what our role should be in community activism” and since “we are seeing the BLM protests and the health disparities from COVID-19” it is giving the CCE “different opportunities for us to step up but also be guided.” She then goes on to explain the importance of the broader community to hear what students have to say. 

To read more of this interview, click here. To view the CCE’s mission statement click here.