CCE Contacts

Emily has long wavy hair and a blue long sleeved blouse, smiling at the camera
Faculty Fellow from the School of Arts & Humanities
Caroline Bañuelos
Community Partnerships Coordinator
Salazar 1053B
Social Media Support Student Assistant
Video Production Student Assistant
Headshot of Veda Dean outside. Veda is wearing a green top and has shoulder length brown hair and bangs.
LEAD CA Blogging Intern
Natalia Farias Maldonado has long dark colored hair and is smiling at the camera
LEAD CA Youth Voice-Youth Vote Fellow Intern
Dr. Missy Garvin
Faculty Fellow from the School of Social Sciences
CCE Volunteer
Center for Community Engagement
Faculty Fellow from the School of Education
LibraryThing Student Assistant
General Support Student Assistant
Ashley Simon
Administrative Coordinator
Salazar 1053C
Merith Weisman smiling in front of the CCE
Director of Community Engagement and Strategic Initiatives
707 664 3202
Salazar 1053A
SSUEngage Support Student Assistant