COVID and Community Engagement for Nonprofits and Governmental Agencies

President Sakaki has announced that SSU will begin to have more in-person classes in the Fall 2021 semester. At this time, student participation in internships, community-engaged learning, service-learning, and volunteer experiences will remain remote at least through the summer of 2021. Additionally, the variety of closures and cancelations in the community related to COVID-19 also continue to affect students who are involved in community-based experiences. 

Review the Remote Internship Guidelines

We have students who are may not be able to complete their programs due to incomplete in-person internships. Students can do many different projects for your organization remotely (web writing, blogging, translating, video making, brochure making, etc.). If your organization has remote or virtual opportunities for students, please submit them here. We appreciate the learning you provide to our students. 

Remote Ways to Engage in the Community

Address Racial Injustice

Politics and Civic Engagement

Register to Vote

Arts and Culture

Public Art Online Galleries

Road Trip from Home: Virtual Field Trips

Submit Art For Hospital Cards

Sonoma County Library From Home

Virtual Book Club

Become a Penpal Today

Learn Another Language

Free Photography Classes Online

Free print-and-play board games

Chat With Others Who Are In Quarantine

Mask Making

History Documentaries You Can Watch Right Now

Virtual Museum Tours

Turn Yourself Into a Renaissance painting

Get 3 Months of Free Virtual Guitar Lessons

Enjoy A Night At The Opera From Home

A Night At The Green: From Home


Sustainability and Environment

Bioneers : Beyond the Great Unraveling - Weaving the World Anew

Sonoma County Wildlife Livestream

Visit the Zoo/Aquarium

Virtual Parks Tour

Virtual Tours: Famous Landmarks and National Parks of Wyoming

Watch The Northern Lights From Home

NASA at Home