Serene Cooper explaining how she has become aware of her white privilege.
Coming to Terms with White Privilege
| April 5, 2021

“I think I will gain skills as I continue to learn and grow on how to be better when I’m presented in these situations...being unsure keeps you from speaking up sometimes… we just need to be open to comments and feedback,” said Jamie Pad

Ozzy Jimenez speaking about how he looks at his own bias in the LatinX culture
Bridging the Generational Gap
| March 29, 2021

“Never forget who you are and never forget where you come from,” said moderator Jenny Chamberlain during the Community Conversations on Race Event about generational

Sophia C.’s CDP: An Artistic Exploration of the World During 2020
Pandemic Stories Through the Eyes of College Students
| March 22, 2021

“Unity because it allowed us to come together not just as students, but as an entire community to work through this new and profound experience together” - Addison Smith, student in Professor Homzie’s Fall 2020 Coms 200 course. 

Tuesday morning during Just Coffee
Zooming Into Just Coffee
| March 8, 2021

Despite having to wake up earlier than usual, I attended my first Just Coffee as an intern for the Center for Community Engagement.

CCE Staff Member Featured in Sonoma Magazine
| March 3, 2021

Ashley Simon Alvarez, who is the Administrative Coordinator for the CCE here at Sonoma State, participated with 12 other Black women in an interview with Sonoma Magazine.