Elena Klaw giving a brief introduction about herself during the Deepening Service-Learning workshop.
A Deeper Understanding of Service-Learning
| June 7, 2021

The classroom is the place where students can intentionally reflect on their involvement and where they can see themselves as agents of change and they can also see themselves as someone who is taking a role in an organization.

Alex Anderson, Leah Beaumont, Monse Salas
Current VISTAs Say: “Become a VISTA!”
| May 20, 2021

The pandemic has changed the world as we once knew it, especially for college students. It has been a challenging year full of constant stress, worry and uncertainty.

Susan Campbell discussing how reflection throughout a service-learning course is crucial for student
Diving Deep into Reflection
| May 3, 2021

“One of the things that is very important for reflecting, is having your students reflect throughout your service-learning project… they need to process their experiences in order to learn,” said Dr.

Damien Wilson, Faculty Fellow from the School of Business and Economics, explaining the process of s
In-Person to Online: Tips and Trends now Canvas Webpage
| April 26, 2021

Tips and Trends focuses on how faculty can create and deepen their service-learning classes.

Diann Kitamura explaining how some family members have been a target of hate.
Discussion of AAPI Violence in Our Community
| April 12, 2021

“I think it’s important for organizations to take a look at their patterns and practices in order to address the systemic racism and biases… and it’s important for organizations you have to be honest.