Strategic Action Committee

The strategic action committee consisting of faculty, students, and community members focuses on developing the university's institutional learning outcomes for civic engagement and will promote and make visible civically engaged academic work on campus. It will also ensure the CCE's effectiveness in managing its own strategic plan.

Strategic Action Committee Members

Emily has long curly brown hair is a wearing a fuchsia blouse
Dr. Emily Acosta Lewis
Caroline has a shoulder-length brown hair and is wearing a fuchsia blouse
Caroline Bañuelos
Stacey has blond hair and is smiling at the camera in front of some tree
Dr. Stacey Bosick
Missy is smiling widely at the camera in front of a building. Missy has long brown hair and is wearing a black blouse
Dr. Missy Garvin
Aja is wearing a purple blouse and black cardigan outside for her headshot. She has long, curly brown hair.
Dr. Aja LaDuke
Claudia Luke has short brown hair and is smiling at the camera.
Dr. Claudia Luke
Ashley is wearing a black hijab and fuchsia shirt.
Ashley Simon Alvarez
Claudia Sisomphou is wearing a maroon shirt and has long brown hair.
Claudia Sisomphou