Plan a Project

What’s a project?

Sonoma State supports activities that address real-world fire issues and involve any combination of faculty, students and community members. Whoever you are, you can get support to launch a collaborative project.

Want help getting started?

Want more ideas?

  • Find a Faculty Partner: Faculty with fire-related interests or projects are listed here (link to experts webpage). SSU faculty expertise can bring the latest thinking in a diversity of disciplines to address local fire challenges. At the same time, they can bring local projects into the classroom of develop student internships and research projects.

  • Find a Community Partner: Contact CCE or CEI to find out about fire-related issues in the region.  Sonoma County is nationally recognized for innovative leadership in addressing environmental and social challenges.  

  • Find An Intern: To find student interns, work with CCE or CEI to advertise via a flyer or email. Many students are required to spend time working with off-campus organizations. Paid internships are much more likely to attract students.

  • Find Student Volunteers: To seek help recruiting students  for a volunteer event, contact JUMP.

  • Students Seeking Projects: Wondering how to create
    your own study or get extra credit for working on fire projects? Talk to your instructor or faculty advisor to see if credit is available

When’s the best time to plan a project?

The start of the fall and spring semesters – usually late August and late January – are the windows of opportunity for engaging faculty and students. Summer projects need to be set up by early May before faculty and students leave campus.