Jason Hill Jr., Third Year Communication and Economics Major
The Next Generation’s Voice: SSU Students’ Opinions on Voting
| March 13, 2023

I had the opportunity to interview Sonoma State students and hear their thoughts on one of the pillars of American democracy, the right to vote. Historically, young people vote at much lower rates when compared to older people.

4 people standing in front of the SAFE Van outside
SSU, a SAFE Campus
| March 6, 2023

“The more [communities] utilize this model or ones similar to it, the more it will benefit every community.” said campus police chief Nader Oweis about the entry of Sonoma State University into the SAFE program of Petaluma, Rohnert Park,

Ballot box outside of campus
The Right to Vote and What it Means to Me
| February 27, 2023

As a woman of color, voting isn't a choice for me; it's crucial. Time and time again, my rights as a human are up for grabs. Not caring about voting is a privilege afforded to people whose rights aren't continually debated.

SSU students help the children of Geyserville Elementary with their arts and crafts.
Suzanne Maggio-Hucek Case Study
| January 9, 2023

“Service-learning as a whole is about participating in something and changing the world for the better.” says Suzanne Maggio-Hucek, a lecturer in Sonoma State’s Department of Psychology.

students standing outside next to a sculpture
CAPS and SSU Students Deserve Care
| January 9, 2023

As a Sonoma State student who has dealt with mental health issues for most of my life and has experienced the difficulties with access to mental health care, having an accessible option for Sonoma State regardless of income is something