Address Racial Injustice

Call to Action

Sign up for the Call to Action to be invited to share your ideas about what we can do at Sonoma State to address the racial injustice that permeates our society and degrades Black lives.

Statements from SSU

Higher Education Must Work for Racial Justice - Center for Community Engagement blog post

What Happens to a Dream Deferred? - Sonoma State University President 

Standing Together against Racism: A Call to Action - Sonoma State University Provost

Black Lives Matter - Sonoma State University Vice President for Student Affairs

Statement of Support - Sonoma State University Police Chief

We Are Now Changing the Things We Cannot Accept - President of Associated Students

Response to Systemic, Persistent Anti-Black Violence - Academic Senate

Get Involved Locally

Black, Indigenous, People of Color Owned Business in Sonoma County list- submit a business here.

List of Actions/Events/Protests (Sonoma County)

Donations and Petitions

If you have the means, there are many resources — from bail funds to GoFundMe fundraisers for victims — that would benefit from your donation. 

For those who may not have the means to donate time or money, YouTuber Zoe Amira put together a video spotlighting music, poetry, and art from Black artists, with all proceeds from the ad revenue going directly to charity (the full list of organizations is at the beginning of the video). People across Tumblr and stan Twitter — pockets of internet communities full of teenagers who don’t have as much financial freedom — are sharing the link to help as much as they can. Simply disable your adblocker, play the video without skipping the ads, and click repeat when it’s over to add further ad revenue. 

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Movie Recommendations

How to Discuss Breaking News/Challenging Topics

Inclusive Teaching Tools

Additional Resources